Amorgos island, Greece

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tips and information

Amorgos, an island of natural beauty and hospitable people. Located in the southeast part of the Cyclades, it lies at a distance of 136 miles from Piraeus, the port of Athens. In order to have a good taste of the island, it’s recommended you stay at least 4-5 days. Most of the beaches on Amorgos differ from the ones typically found on the other islands in the Cyclades, because they are rather small and lack the classic golden sand.

Amorgos villages

  • Main town (Chora)
    The capital of Amorgos is called Chora, and is about 6km north of the main port. Situated at a height of 350 meters above sea level, Chora is a landmark settlement. It has the classic cycladic architectural style, with white houses, small paths and beautiful churches. The settlement surrounds the castle of Amorgos, which was built in the 13th century. It’s a very picturesque town with traditional Greek cafes and taverns and in my opinion has a really good nightlife.
  • Katapola (Main port)
    Katapola port is located in the middle of the island. This natural bay has 3 settlements in actuality. Katapola is to the left, Rachidi in the center and Xilokeratidi to the right. Here you can find whatever you need: shopping, banks, traditional taverns to drink tsipouro or ouzo at, and cafes. During the night a part of the area is closed off to vehicles, making it a nice place to walk along the sea at. From here you can take a boat that brings you to 3 other beaches in the bay.
  • Aegiali (2nd port)
    Aegiali, the second port of Amorgos, where the ship only runs a few days a week. The beach here is the biggest sandy one on the island but it doesn’t have umbrellas and sun beds. However, just above the beach you will find many beautiful cafes which stay open until late at night, at which point they function more as a bar where you can have a drink at.
  • Tholaria
    Tholaria is located on the hill to the left of Aegiali. It’s a traditional village that is definitely worth visiting. Many people prefer to stay here because it has a great view of the entire bay. During the night the taverns here get crowded and the atmosphere is really nice. There is a pretty nice bar in Tholaria where you can have a drink at.
  • Lagada
    Just opposite Tholaria on the hill to the right is Lagada. A beautiful village with picturesque paths and traditional taverns.

παραλίες αμοργού

  • Saint Anna
    It’s the most well-known beach due to the fact that the movie Deep Blue Sea was filmed here. A unique scenery of natural beauty and a brilliant turquoise sea full of people enjoying it. Saint Anna is pretty short beach and usually crowded. To get here, it takes you about 5 minutes by bike from the main town. If you don’t have your own transportation you can take the local bus.
  • Kampi
    South of Saint Anna, close to the rock Megalo Viokastro, is a small nudist beach called Kampi and you can walk there via a small path.
  • Maltezi
    It is located north of Katapola inside the bay. It is sandy and organised and you can get there by boat through Katapola.
  • Mouros
    Mouros is located 2km south of Kamari village, and you have to walk down a path to reach it. The water is a deep blue color and is very clean. On the south side there are two underwater caves that you have to swim to in order to reach.
  • Ammoudi
    Ammoudi is a nice small bay, but if you want to visit it you have to be in the mood for trekking because you have to walk about 40 minutes down a difficult path in order to reach it.
  • Paradisia
    Paradisia is another small bay which has thick sand and big waves when it’s windy.
  • Kalotaritisa
    This beach is one of two on the island that has fine golden sand that you normally find on Cycladic islands. On one side of the beach you will find a canteen where you can get water, beer and a few snacks, like the traditional fried cheese pie. Here you can also take the ferry to Gramvousa, a small desert island that is just behind the beach and has two beautiful sandy beaches. The boat runs every hour from the morning to 6pm.
  • Saint Paul
    It is located 5km before Aegiali, and it’s rather impressive, as a thin strip of land jots out through the crystal water towards Nikourias rock. On the beach you’ll find a beach bar where you can get some snacks and beverages.
  • Levrossos
    It is located north of Aegiali and you can find it on the road to Tholaria. It is sandy with small pebbles and the trees offer nice shade. Even it isn’t a nudist beach, you may see a few people baring it all.

sights and attractions in Amorgos

  • Holy Mary Hozoviotissa Monastery
    Above the Saint Anna beach at a height of 300m you’ll find the monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa. It is visible only if you are out in the water, and it has a length of 40m and a depth of only 5 meters. It was built during the 11th century by Alexios Komninos and legend has it that the Icon of Holy Mary reached this place by a miracle from Hozovo of Palestine. The monastery has 8 floors and the view from up there is breathtaking. To reach the entrance you have to walk up 300 steps and when you reach the top, the friendly monks welcome you with a treat. The monastery is open to the public from 8am to 1pm and then reopens from 5 to 7pm.
  • Holy Trinity Church
    Just outside the village Lagatha you will find the Holy Trinity Church, which is an impressive sight on the rocks. It was built during Venetian rule and there locals used it as an observation point for pirates.

taverns and restaurants in Amorgos

  • Georgalinis Tavern – Broutsis village
    Greek tavern with traditional tastes, using local meat, Tel: +30 22850 74290
  • Liotrivi Tavern – Chora
    Greek tavern with traditional tastes, Tel: +30 22850 71700.
  • Nikos Tavern – Lagada
    Greek tavern with specialties and tasty desserts, Tel: +30 22850 71700.