Mykonos island, Greece

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Mykonos: the party island, the most gay-friendly place in Greece, the island full of beaches packed with sun beds and umbrellas and where you are more likely to see a Jeep Wrangler than a scooter. The ideal destination to boast ones wealth and happiness, making it the most famous and expensive destination in Greece.

It is located in the Cyclades island complex, and you can get here by airplane, or by ferry from the ports of Piraeus or Rafina, in about 3 to 5 hours (depending on the ferry).


Main town (Chora)
The town of Mykonos is located in the west part of the island. It’s a picturesque place due to the all-white Cycladic architecture, which in combination with the blue color of the sea and sky creates really beautiful scenery. It’s a lively town all day long and has many famous restaurants, cafes and bars. It’s worth taking a stroll along the small picturesque paths and walkways were you can find everything from small touristic shops to rather expensive brand-name stores.

One of the most interesting spots in town is the area known as Little Venice. This district was built during the middle of the 18th century and many wealthy people, such as captains, had villas constructed here. The houses are right on the sea, which make it resemble the Italian city it is named after. At night the town gets more lively as hundreds of people come out and walk around town, filling up bars and clubs up till the morning hours. The nightlife in Mykonos is considered as one of the best and liveliest in Europe.

Ano Mera
A small town in central Mykonos, where it’s worth making a stop for a coffee or a meal in its beautiful square, as you will be driving through the town many times throughout your stay while making your way around the island. Distance from Chora: 8,3km


It’s organized, has cafes and restaurants, accommodations, a marketplace for shopping and is very family friendly. Distance from Chora: 2km

Psarou is the VIP beach of the island due to the fact that many famous people and celebrities from around the world vacation here. It has golden sand and here you’ll find 3 restaurants, a beach bar and a diving center to the right. Distance from Chora: 4,6km

Platis Gialos
A settlement full of hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, beach bars and shops. The beach here is full of sun beds and umbrellas, and because of the shallow water it is ideal for families with children. You can also find a water sports center which offers water skiing, jet skiing and several other water sport activities. There are also boats that leave from Platis Gialos which bring you to some of the other beaches in the south part of the island. Distance from Chora: 5,1km

It is one of the first beaches that made Mykonos popular back in the 70s. Even though the beach bar here plays very loud music you can also find families because of the shallow water. There are many choices as far as where to stay, as you can find hotels, rooms to let and a campsite. Distance from Chora: 6,2km

The paradise for party animals. An organised beach where you can find all essential items as there is a small market. Starting from midday at the 2 beach bars here, alcohol consumption flows steadily, music gets louder and louder and people dance to Latin or house tempos till late in the evening. To get here you can take the local bus from the main town, or by boat from Platis Gialos. You can also stay here at the camp grounds or at one of the many rooms to let. Distance from Chora: 5,9km

Super Paradise
Super Paradise, is very similar to Paradise, as another world famous party beach where from midday people dance to the house tempos of famous DJs. It is another favorite among celebrities, is gay friendly and nudism is tolerated. You can get here by car or bike or you can take the boat from Plati Gialo. Distance from Chora: 7,4km

Organised but quiet beach, where you can find a beach bar, a restaurant, a hotel and a water sports center. Nudism is also tolerated here. Distance from Chora: 8,6km

The longest beach in southern Mykonos, it is organised, it has fine sand, and you may find cafes and restaurants and various accommodation options. In Elia operates water sports center. Distance from Chora: 11,7km

Kalo Livadi
Long sandy beach with shallow water, which is ideal for families. It is organised, it has restaurants and cafe, many options to say and a water sports center. Distance from Chora: 10,5km

Organised beach with thick sand, where you will find cafes, restaurants and hotels. In Kalafatis operates a water sports center and a diving school. Distance from Chora: 12km

A short beach with thick sand mainly preferred by the greeks. Here you will find a restaurant and a diving center. The only way to get here is only by your vehicle. Distance from Chora: 12,9km

Organised beach located in the north part of Mykonos with sun beds and umbrellas, family friendly, as the restaurants and beach bars are more of a relaxed lounge style. Distance from Chora: 6,3km

Saint Stephen
Located north of Mykonos port, it’s sandy with shallow water, making it preferred by families with children. Distance from Chora: 4,7km

A non organised beach with fine sand, located in the north east side of Mykonos. Distance from Chora: 13,8km

Agios Sostis
A non organised beach with fine sand, located in the north east side of the island just after Panormos. Distance from Chora: 7,7km