Palaios Panteleimonas and Platamonas, in North Greece

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Palaios Panteleimonas

Palaios Panteleimonas is located 105km from Thessaloniki and 400km from Athens. It is a preserved traditional village at an altitude of 440m with a fantastic view of the Thermaikos gulf and the coasts of Pieria. The village was deserted in the 1950s, but after 1980, when it was renovated, it slowly transformed into one of the major tourist resorts in the region. It is worth visiting all year round, as it always has something different to offer its guests.

Within it’s cobblestone paths, you will find nice touristic shops with various objects that really pull you in to take a closer look, even if you’re not the type who collects souvenirs from trips. In the central square, which is very picturesque and beautiful, you can have lunch, enjoy a cup of coffee, or a have a homemade sweet at one of the cafes. The perennial trees and the vines produce shade even at midday, cooling down visitors.

The tavernas are pretty nice, and are worth stopping at for lunch, even if you are traveling on the national highway of Thessaloniki – Larissa. It is a place with a nice vibe that can also serve as a base for exploring the surrounding area. An ideal destination for relaxation that combines views of mountains and sea.

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  • Platamonas Beach
    Sandy beach with umbrellas and sun beds just after the village Platamonas.
  • Panteleimonas Beach
    It is located at the north side of Platamonas Castle, it is sandy, it has crystal clear blue water and there you may find many campings.
  • Skotina Beach
    It is located just after Panteleimonas beach, in the village Skotina, it is sandy and organised in its most parts.


  • Platamonas Castle
    Platamonas castle stands out in the whole area, as it is being built on a hill, during the Frankish rule at the 13th century. Its construction took place on the ruins of an older Byzantine structure and nowadays, it is the best preserved castle in northern and central Greece.