Paros island, Greece

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Paros, a popular vacation destination especially for Greeks, has a tourist-friendly infrastructure and provides services that cover the needs of the modern traveler. It is the third biggest island in the Cyclades and is located west of Naxos. At a distance of 90 miles from the port of Piraeus in Athens, it takes about 4 and a half hours to reach by ferry.

Paros is a beautiful Cycladic island that has much to offer and is sure to leave travelers with an unforgettable experience. To get a good feel for the island, though, it’s recommended you stay at least 4-5 days, and it’s nice if you can combine a 1 or 2 day visit to beautiful neighboring Antiparos.


  • Parikia
    It’s the capital of Paros and the biggest settlement on the island, located on its west side. It’s definitely worth taking a stroll down the beautiful picturesque paths behind the main square near the port. These paths are only for pedestrians. The town is characterized by low-lying dwellings painted all white with terraces and arches, which is common in Cycladic architecture.

    Inside the town or on the beach south of the port you can find many beautiful traditional restaurants and cafes. Accommodation options here are also plentiful and suit every taste. In this area alone there are more than 100 places to choose from (hotels in Paros). During the night Parikia is a nice place to walk, dine or have a drink at, but it isn’t very lively.

  • Naousa
    It is the second largest town on Paros, located on a large natural bay 10km north of Parikia. It’s a picturesque town and the most cosmopolitan on the island. You will really enjoy walking around, as the ambiance is very beautiful. In the evening, when people return from the beach, the town gets really lively as it gradually fills up with people. When the sun sets, the pace rises even more, as people flock from all over the island to visit the bars and clubs in the area. Accommodation options in Naousa are plentiful, and from its port you can take a small boat to visit many of the nearby beaches.
  • Lefkes
    A traditional settlement that lies at an altitude of 250m and is definitely worth a visit. Lefkes is a well maintained, quiet and welcoming village, untouched by time and other impacts from tourism development on Paros. It was built in the 16th century by refugees who came from Crete, Peloponnese, and several local residents who fled to the mountains to escape from pirate raids. Motor vehicles are prohibited in this village, so like it or not, you have to walk around on its beautiful marble made paths. Inside Lefkes you will see Cycladic style houses, yards full of flowers, nice touristic shops and traditional cafes and restaurants where u can try local food and desserts. At the east side of the village is the marble temple of the Holy Trinity, inside of which has many byzantine paintings. Its construction began in 1830 and lasted for five years.
  • Piso Livadi
    A small sandy bay with trees that grow right up to the beach. Here you can find many taverns and cafes, as well as many hotels to stay at.
  • Drios
    A beautiful little village with taverns, cafes and touristic shops on the beach. It is nice and quite here with many trees that offer shade after midday.
  • Αλυκή
    A big town that has two beaches with trees offering shade, making them preferred by families. Aliki is also a nice place to take a walk along the small port or dine at one of the taverns that offer fresh seafood that have made this village famous.


  • Kolimpithres
    One of the most famous beaches on Paros, got its name, which means baptismal fonts, because of the many small coves that have been formed over the centuries among the granite rocks. It is organized and it is usually crowded. Close to the beach there are also restaurants where you can dine at. You can get here by your own transportation, or by boat from Naousa.
  • Monastiri (Agios Ioannis)
    It’s a few kilometers north of Kolimpithres. Here you can also find sun beds and umbrellas, and it is ideal for families due to the shallowness of the water where children can play safely. There is also a beach bar here where you can grab a bite to eat. Except your vehicle, you can get here by boat from Naousa.

  • Santa Maria
    A sandy and organized beach located about 2km east of Naousa. Right on the beach you’ll find plenty of restaurants, beach bars, water sports centers and rooms to let. There is even organized camping. You can reach Santa Maria by car or the local bus service.
  • Ampelas
    A small sandy beach with a restaurant.
  • Punda (East)
    Punda got its name from the beach club located here. It’s the liveliest beach on the island which mainly attracts young people. Inside the club the music is very loud up till about 9:30pm, and apart from sets spun by well-known DJs, they also have live music sometimes.
  • Chrisi Akti
    It is the longest beach on Paros and for many people the most beautiful, as it has golden sand and crystal clear water that together make up the beautiful scenery. Here you can find nice beach bars, water sport centers and several other activities to take part in.
  • Lolantonis
    This beach took it’s name from the famous tavern Lolantonis located a few meters from the sea. It is a quiet, non-organized beach, making it preferred by the locals.
  • Punda (West)
    It is located on the west side of the island, across from Antiparos. From here you can take the ferry boat to Antiparos. This beach is a Mecca for surfers and kite surfers, and became internationally known after hosting several World Championships. It has two schools for surfing and kite surfing, a diving center and a horseback riding school.

Sights & attractions

  • Monastery Panagia Ekatontapiliani
    Located a few meters north of the port of Parikia, it is one of the most important and well-preserved Christian monuments that exists in Greece. Legend has it that the building was constructed by Konstantine the great to fulfill the wishes of his mother. Its construction took place during the 4th century and the temple in Greek means Holy Mary with the 100 gates, because that’s the number of gates the temple has.
  • Monastery Saint Anargiron
    For a nice panoramic view of Parikia and the west part of Paros, take a ride up to the Monastery of Saint Anargiron which is located on the mountain above the town. It’s definitely worth the visit.
  • Butterflies Valley
    South of Parikia at a distance of 7km is a park that nature lovers will especially enjoy. It’s called Butterflies, a habitat where during the summer it is filled with swarms of butterflies of the Jersey tiger moths species, which dwell in the foliage and tree trunks. When the butterflies are flying around, it creates an amazing spectacle, as the color under their wings is bright red, whereas the rest of their body is dark colored.

eating and drinking

Romantica tavern – Naousa
Tel: +30 22840 52050, traditional greek tavern with delicious grilled meat.