Travel to Copenhagen

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Tips & Information about Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital and most populous city of Denmark, with an urban population of 1.246.000. In 2009, Copenhagen was first in the ranking of the richest cities in the world in terms of gross earnings. It is a very beautiful city, pleasant for walking. The architecture here has a wide variety in styles of buildings, so you will see from 17th century mansions, up to palaces and modern contemporary buildings designed by leading architects. Two days is enough to take a taste of the city, by visiting the most important sights.

sights and attractions in Copenhagen

  • Tivoli park
    Tivoli park is being visited by more than four million people a year, making it the most popular park in Scandinavia, but also the 4th most popular in Europe. It’s a park and a amusement park in one, so as you can understand you will see from small kids playing in various games, and big kids like us, enjoy our stroll. Inside the park you will find ponds with fountains and ducks, various enviable and non-enviable games, restaurants and cafe, while we achieved several events with dancers and a play for the kids. It first opened in 1843, the area of the park is 83 acres and you need about an afternoon to see it. The cost to enter is at 99crowns, which is about 13€ per person.
  • Church of Our Saviour
    A baroque church where from its top you can have a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Admission is 40 kroner, about 5 € and it would be better not to find it in a crowded phase, because the rise of the narrow wooden staircase will be difficult.
  • Little Mermaid
    A famous sight for it’s past is the bronze Little Mermaid statue, located in the park near the port Langelinie. Constructed in 1913, it has a height of 1,25m and weighs 175 pounds. Since the mid-1960s, has been damaged and defaced many times, and for different reasons. The creator is the sculptor Edvard Eriksen and in the beginning he had as a model a ballerina, in the end because she didn’t want to pose nude, his model became his own wife so that he could complete the body.
  • Palace and Evangelical Lutheran church
    West of the palace you will see a Marble temple, which is widely known for its architecture. It is an Evangelical Lutheran church designed in 1740 by architect Nicolai Eigtved.
  • Nyhavn street
    One of the spots that can’t be missed, since it’s one of the most captured places in Copenhagen, is the Nyhavn street. A pedestrian street full of cafe and restaurants, where the colored buildings creates a special ambience.
  • Strøget street
    If you are in a mood to walk, head to the pedestrian Strøget which is the commercial center of Copenhagen. It is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe and if you have time it is worth seeing even the surrounding region, meaning the intersected and parallel roads, which are quieter and less touristic, having nice restaurants and cafe.
  • Christiania
    An interesting area in Copenhagen is the hippie neighborhood Christiania. It is an autonomous area of ​​340 acres covered by a special legal status, as there you can buy and use marijuana. It’s a former military base and it is inhabited by 850 inhabitants.