Year: 2016

East Balkans by Motorcycle: Bucharest to Brasov

Manos Lianopoulos November 9, 2016 14033 43 Comments


It's day four of my road trip and I have traveled 1,272km so far. I have explored Sofia and Bucharest and am heading north to Brasov where I will spend the night. On my way there I will also make a stop at Peles castle. At Brasov I will show you the sights and the old town.

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East Balkans by Motorcycle: Sofia to Bucharest

Manos Lianopoulos November 6, 2016 8186 3 Comments


It's day three of my road trip and I have traveled 840km so far. Leaving Sofia behind, I move northeast to get to Bucharest, where I will show you the places I visited there.

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East Balkans by Motorcycle: Athens to Sofia

Manos Lianopoulos November 1, 2016 9963 13 Comments


A road trip to the east Balkans and the Carpathian Mountains. In this first part you will see my ride from Athens to Sofia, where I will also show you the sights of the Bulgarian capital.

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Maria Kalymnou explains the cabin safety regulations

Manos Lianopoulos October 30, 2016 44971 143 Comments


Every time we fly, flight attendants recite the same line: "Your seat should be in it's upright and locked position and your tray table closed," etc. But I'm not really sure why we have to follow these instructions during landing and take-off. So I decided to visit Maria Kalymnou, a flight attendant, to answer some que

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Road trip to the villages of Mount Parnonas

Manos Lianopoulos October 27, 2016 27185 320 Comments

οδοιπορικό πάρνωνας

A road trip that I did on July 2015 at the slopes of Mount Parnonas, where I intended to explore some of the picturesque villages that lie in this beautiful area.

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Travel Photography – with George Tsafos

Manos Lianopoulos October 23, 2016 8043 63 Comments

ταξιδιωτική φωτογραφία

There are many times when I visit a place and the scenery is a little different from what I've seen in photos. This happens because a photographer depicts a place from a particular perspective which produces another result.

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