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Grossglockner, Austria
Grossglockner on motorcycle (Austria)

We leave Halstat behind and head southwest to ride the most famous Austrian Alpine pass, Grossglockner. The crossing costs 25 € for motorcycles and 35 € for cars, for a distance of about 48 km. Edelweissspitze is a shelter inside the pass, at 2,571 meters

publish December 6, 2017 21
hallstatt, austria
Hallstatt, Austria

I am on a road trip in Central Europe and I’m leaving Salzburg and heading to Hallstatt, the most photographed area of the Austrian Alps. The distance is 73 km southeast and will take me about an hour and 15 minutes to get there. I chose the side roads a

publish November 29, 2017 26
Salzburg - Austria
Salzburg – Austria

In this video I am leaving behind Berchtesgaden and heading towards Salzburg. Salzburg is a beautiful and vibrant city of 200,000 inhabitants and is the second most touristic destination in Austria after Vienna. It is situated at an altitude of 420m and the Sa

publish November 8, 2017 56
The Eagle’s nest and lake Konigssee

It’s day two of our road trip that started in Venice. We have crossed the Dolomites, Innsbruck and are now heading to Berchtesgaden in southern Bavaria. There we will visit the Eagles Nest of Hitler and Lake Koninkgsee, which means “The Kings Sea”. T

publish October 6, 2017 141
Dolomites and Innsbruck
Exploring the Dolomites and Innsbruck by Motorcycle

My summer 2016 road trip to Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia begins in Venice. In this video, I am going through the Dolomites and more specifically, Pordoi Pass and Sella Pass, in order to reach Innsbruck, where I am planning to show you its city center.

publish December 21, 2016 3113
Karpenisi, a Mountainous Resort in Central Greece

December 27th, 2015. I’ve just spent Christmas in Aigio where I begin my trip to Karpenisi. A beautiful mountainous area of central Greece where I will show you some points of interest.

publish December 12, 2016 1201
A Short Stay in Belgrade: Things Worth Seeing

September 2016, I’m flying from Athens to Dusseldorf and I have a 10-hour layover in Belgrade. At this time explore the sights of the Serbian capital.

publish November 23, 2016 4492
Παλαιός Παντελεήμονας
Palaios Panteleimonas and Platamonas, in North Greece

Palaos Panteleimonas is a preserved traditional village at an altitude of 440m with a fantastic view of the Thermaikos gulf and the coasts of Pieria. Platamonas is a village with more than 2,000 inhabitants, which in the summer significantly rises, as it is on

publish November 20, 2016 1105
East Balkans by Motorcycle: Transalpina to Craiova

I leave Sibiu behind and head west to get to Transalpina. Taking this route, I will cross the Carpathian Mountains, but this time to the south. My plan is to get to Craiova, where I will spend the night. This will be my last night outside of my country, as the

publish November 16, 2016 1150
Τρανσφαγκαρασάν - Σίμπιου
East Balkans by Motorcycle: Bran – Transfagarasan – Sibiu

I am in the middle of a journey that began five days ago from Athens. I've traveled 1,455km, passed through Sofia, Bucharest, Brasov and now heading southwest to follow the trail of Dracula. The goal for today is to visit Bran, to ride Trasfagarasan and reach

publish November 13, 2016 3486
East Balkans by Motorcycle: Bucharest to Brasov

It's day four of my road trip and I have traveled 1,272km so far. I have explored Sofia and Bucharest and am heading north to Brasov where I will spend the night. On my way there I will also make a stop at Peles castle. At Brasov I will show you the sights and

publish November 9, 2016 1335
East Balkans by Motorcycle: Sofia to Bucharest

It's day three of my road trip and I have traveled 840km so far. Leaving Sofia behind, I move northeast to get to Bucharest, where I will show you the places I visited there.

publish November 6, 2016 2377

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